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February 2016


Mar. 25th, 2014

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Nicole and I stayed up late last night priming the walls of my office.  We listened to music, chatted, sang, and worked together into the wee hours.  Can I just say how excited I am to be claiming a space in the house to use as a workroom?  I will be able to get crafty in there, too! (Someday, when grad school is over over.)

I also ran 3.5 miles yesterday after work. And worked my full day.  And woke up early.  I told Nicole as I was crawling in to bed at 11:00 last night that there are some days where I feel like I just completely kicked it.  Yesterday was one of them.

…. Of course, today I’m totally sleep deprived, sore, and exhausted.  But it was SO worth it.  I plan to kick more tail today.  Yep yep.

It is also snowing.  March 25th.  I really need for Winter to move on over for Spring.  Yesterday was chilly, but lovely.  Nicole and I walked home from Nana’s house and spotted these adorable little yellow and pink tulips.  An now, snow.  Sigh.

We walked home from Nana’s yesterday because our kids basically broke up with us. ;)  Brenner asked for Nana on the way home, Nicole called me to let me know she wasn’t coming home but dropping by her mother’s instead.  So, I locked up the house and walked across the bridge to meet them there.  45 minutes later, I tell the kids is it is time to get home for dinner and Brenner says, “No, I eat at Nana’s house!”

It thrilled Nana to pieces to be picked over Mommy and Mama, I think! We left the boys with her and had time to run to the mall to get a new pair of jeans for me and still get home and eat before Nana brought the kids home at 7:30.
They did come home on an ice cream high.  But what else are Nanas for?