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Oh my goodness! Back in full swing after a wonderful long weekend in Boston and Cape Cod. Working from home is such a gift. I missed the kids so much and Nana had a long five days, so I was able to stay home with them this morning to give her a long, restful morning and spend a few extra hours with them. I still had to sign in right at nine, but worked my email on the front porch at a leisurely pace while they played in the yard. The meter reader told us there was a box turtle next door, so we had time to play with the box turtle for a bit, fed him a strawberry and released him back where we got him. I think the kids needed that long morning as much as I did. I made them French toast for breakfast and enabled Nicole to make it to work on time(ish). They just left with Nicole’s mom for their Monday Music Class.

Nic and I were both hung over from the road travel, I think. The drive didn’t feel particularly hard until I had to wake up with Brenner this morning! Coffee was the only thing that made me feel any better!

Boston was amazing. We went up on Wednesday to Mashpee on Cape Cod where our college friend lives. Thursday morning we got up, drove to the nearest Park-and-Ride and made our way into the city. We got there around 11, I think and walked through as much of Boston as we could. My FitBit said we walked 10 miles that day! To the aquarium, the harbor, the Freedom Trail, The North End, Boylston Street, Newbury street… It was phenomenal to adventure around with my favorite adventure partner.
Graduation was Friday morning. I felt snazzy in my regalia, loved meeting some of the other M.Ed folks (including my only other cohort member!) and loved that the ceremony gave me closure on the degree path and made me feel like I’d accomplished something tremendous. I walked around feeling so utterly proud of myself for the whole day! We quickly escaped Boston to get back to the Cape before traffic started up.

Spent time with Lisa and her little boy, had a great dinner together near Woods Hole. On Saturday morning we took Lisa’s little boy to her mother’s house and met her mom and her partner. Cute little grandma lesbians! It made me extremely happy. They were taking Lisa’s boy fishing on the boat. He was beside himself.

We made our way up the cape to Provincetown. YAY. We had a fabulous day wandering around, driving back down to Chatham and having a delightful dinner once again.

On our way through Connecticut yesterday, we were able to stop and meet another college friend and her husband and new baby for lunch. I LOVE that our alma mater gave us so many strong connections. We rarely go anywhere without having someone we love nearby! It. Was. Awesome.

Nicole did such a great job planning this vacation and I was/am so grateful that I got to take part in the commencement. I am truly, truly humbled by this life we lead together. It’s nice to remember that even though life is hectic, fast paced, crazy, full of whiny toddlers, and generally insane – that we’re remarkable blessed and complete together.

Iconic Boston Shot:

Where I hit my 10,000 step of the day.  The Paul Revere Mall in the shadow of the Old North Church:

My sweet Italian in the North End :)

Selfie at Boston Commons!

My favorite purple house from Provincetown.

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