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Apr. 24th, 2015

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And then, just like that, it was Friday.

I gauge the morning by birdsong. If there are half a dozen bird voices, it’s about 4:30 AM. And that’s about the time that Tucker threw up this morning. It was dark. By the time he started throwing up again, the birdsong placed us at about 5:00 AM. More birds, but less than the orchestral (orkestrel? Ha ha.) swell of 6:00 AM or the downright cacophony of 6:30. Poor, poor sick dog. I bet when you started this paragraph you thought it would be a lot prettier in content than it was, didn’t you? Fooled you. I’m feeling a little punchy. We’ll blame the aforementioned fact that I’ve been up since 4:30. Don’t hold it against me, okay?

It was nice to be awake and have warm and aware moments of falling back in to bed (knowing that going back to sleep is futile when your alarm goes off at 5:30) and snuggling with my wife. I sincerely love those close moments. Especially when the room is so chilly! There was a frost warning last night. It is going to be MAY next week. Frost? Seriously? It was cold enough in the house yesterday that I turned on the heater. The HEATER.

Tomorrow is the Earth Day festival and the forecast calls for temperatures in the 40s and rain. Sigh. That seems completely unfair. This is the weirdest end-of-April ever.

I was supposed to take PTO today, but decided that since it is SO cold, I might as well hole up in my office with my space heater on and work. No one wants to waste a PTO day on a chilly day in April, am I right?

I am planning on taking a leisurely run later. Like, in the next hour or so, maybe. I’ve eaten a LOT of sweets this week, so I should really run. Did I mention it’s cold? (What a wimp! I ran when it was 16 degrees and icy! Scary how easily we get soft in the spring weather.)

Our Mosely dog has something wrong. Sunday morning he lost control of his bladder. He’s 70 pounds, so when that happens, there is a FLOOD. He was in our bedroom (above our living room) when it happened and I knew before Nicole did (she was sleeping) because pee literally came through the ceiling. I thought we had a water leak! Nope. Just a Mosely Leak. He went to vet and because we’ve noticed an increase in the water he’s drinking, the loss of bladder control (which is still happening), and they couldn’t find any indication of infection, we’re looking at early renal failure or Cushings Disease. We’re crossing our fingers that the urine sample they sent off to be cultured does come back with some infection, but Nicole said that the vet seemed to indicate that it was unlikely. Poor Momo. He’s confined to the bathroom downstairs during the day now and we’re letting him out all the time. He seems to be really confused by the fact that he can’t hold it anymore. Having older critters is rough.