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February 2016


Oct. 22nd, 2014

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For the second morning in a row, I am at work and watching the sunrise from the window of my purple office.  I worked ALL yesterday on an e-learning module only to find out at the end of the day that my project teammate and I worked on the same content ...  Back to the drawing board today.  It is going to be a LONG one wherein I scramble to make something that looks even half as cool as what he did.  I get frustrated that I am still such a baby in this craft.  I want things to be awesome immediately and should not measure my performance against someone who has been doing this for five years.  He is a tool expert and graphic artist trained, so it is easy to actually step back and gather ideas from his creativity.  It's a good thing that he pushes me to be better!  I just need to forgive myself for my elementary tool use and try to learn and grow.

Brooks is seriously happy to be back in his routine.  Seriously happy.

I miss the Magic Kingdom so much that I've been browsing the instagram hashtag and looking at jobs at Disney that I would never apply for because it would require moving to Florida.  Plus, they don't have any IDT positions open - who doesn't employ Instructional Designers?

The wind last night was wicked.  The sky was gray and ominous.  Multicolored leaves zipping through the air while the wind howled at the nooks and crannies. Fall with a vengeance.

Speaking of fall, I made chicken and scratch-made-Dumplings on Monday! And Nicole put together a pot roast for the crockpot tonight.  YAY.