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February 2016


Jul. 28th, 2014

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Working from home on a Monday is the best ever.  Especially when the temperatures are way below normal and a light breeze is feathering the wind chimes and I can enjoy a cup of coffee on our glorious porch.

We slept until 7:45 today! On a MONDAY! Nicole has to be at work at 8:30 and I typically sign in around 8:00.  Monday is normally a distance run for me, too.  Sleep was waaaaay more needed, I think.  Brenner wasn't even interested in rousing when Nicole went in to get them (and I stumbled downstairs to start some coffee - a cup of which Nicole never got!).

We had such a beautiful weekend.  Multiple trips to the river and walks through the neighborhoods.  Nicole and I even got to go to the grocery store together without kids ;)  Funny how that starts to feel like a special event!

We took the kids to Touch a Truck, too.  It was HOT.  There was absolutely NO shade at this giant park with all the trucks.  Brooks really hated all the loud sirens related to the police vehicles (many, many police vehicles) and Brenner seemed to love the hoopla.  We did take a second to run under the water that the hook and ladder truck was spraying to cool down.  I was the only adult willing, so the kids and I had a blast running through the water together.  Memories!

I have some serious wanderlust.  I know that we will be going to Orlando in October, San Fran in November, Texas for Thanksgiving... and I'll probably be tired of traveling THEN, but now... I am seeing all my friends go on their annual beach trips and dying for some PTO and an escape with me sweet little family.  Even if we just stay home and take an extra day down at the river... maybe, maybe.