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Jun. 23rd, 2014

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This is the first Monday run I've missed in two months.  I just couldn't do it this morning.  I went to bed kind of late last night and woke up this morning drained and decided to give myself a break.  It's finals week, I am overwhelmed by work and I might just give myself the whole week off of running to make sure I practice enough self care, get enough rest, and breathe a little.

I still feel like I am dragging and like I might need MORE coffee than normal to make this day go.  I left the house while everyone was still asleep.  Sad. I hate missing the chance to hug my little guys.  And on my way in to work, BBC was playing an interview with Eric Clapton's baby-mama about the day their 4-year old fell from the 53 floor of a New York high-rise apartment building (Tears in Heaven) and I nearly turned around and drove home to kiss them.

It's a gray and drizzly morning.  These first days of summer are usually amazing.  Long long days, firefly nights, heat and haze.  Also, mosquitoes.  Unhappy about the persistence and tenacity of those little pests.  I think we have been invaded by the Asian Tiger Mosquito in this area.  They bite through your clothes!  There is not enough bug spray in the WORLD.

I am anxious to go camping.  We are talking about maybe going to weekend after the 4th of July... Adults only.  It would be *wonderful*.  My six-week classes start hot-on-the-heels of this semester, though - no rest for the weary.  We got an email from our Academic Advisors this week that stated that summer classes are optional and you would be okay not taking classes... so I had a moment of hope wherein I thought I would take six glorious weeks off... and emailed him to clarify.  He stated that I COULD take the summer off, but I would need to make up the credits by taking THREE classes somewhere in the next two semesters to graduate on time. Never mind.  Keep on, brave soldier. These classes are going to be fin, anyway - one is the building of and philosophy behind MOOCs and the other is "Evaluative Measurements" - okay, so that one doesn't sound that fun.  Sigh.  At least it's only a 6 weeker?

We took the kids to their first movie this weekend.  Brooks loved it and sat through the whole thing.  Brenner announced that he was "A little bit all done" about 45 minutes in and wanted to leave.  He and I wandered around target and petsmart together for an hour or so while we waited for the rest of the family.  I wasn't really in to the How to Tame Your Dragon movies, so I don't feel like I missed out on seeing the end, but what I DID see was visually wonderful and I liked where the story was going.  Nicole's recap was good enough for me!

Happy Monday, folks.