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February 2016


Jun. 6th, 2014

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Time to sign up for my first 10K!  I ran 6.04 miles this morning and still had a little in the tank when it was time to stop.  I mean, I was grateful to stop, but I could have kept going if I *wanted* to... ;) I could have totally run the last two tenths.  I didn't even have to get mean with myself to finish, either.  My legs carried me like they run that distance every day.

You know what I love about running?  There is always a horizon.  Another goal to hit, another milestone to make.  It is all about you, too.  You don't have to go for distance, or speed, or consistency - you can choose one, choose all, choose your own goals and then the only person you have to compete with is YOU.  It is a mind game, a mental struggle, a strength builder in your heart, mind, and legs. And then there are run days like today when I remember when I couldn't run for TWO minutes and I ran non-stop for 63 minutes today.  An HOUR and three minutes of consistent movement. ME.  Who am I??  I felt pretty awesome.

I get to see the sun rise over the mountains while breathing in morning air laced with honeysuckle and summer.  While most of the world is sleeping, I am moving and moving HARD.

And I've lost 25 pounds and have all these awesome leg muscles.  That's a nice perk, too.

Ah, weekend.  You elusive thing, you.  Can it be quittin' time already?