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May. 29th, 2014

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The boys are settling in to their new routine at Nana's nicely.  Meaning, they are now napping at her house in a big bed rather than walking home for nap at our house.  There has been a change with Nana's roommate situation and the roomie is back in Delaware... maybe permanently.  So, now the Very Old Dog cannot be left alone for large chunks of time and Nana cannot bring the boys home for nap.  Which is fine, really.  The goal was always to get the boys comfortable sleeping/napping over at Nana's house.  So, this is in all accounts a good thing.

But like all change, it's kind of rough.  And combine that with taking the pacifiers away this weekend, it's a miracle they are still napping at all. All this to say that yesterday's nap didn't officially start until 3:00 PM(ish for Brenner, a little earlier for Brooks).  Nana called Nicole at her quittin' time and told her not to come get the boys because they were still sleeping.  Nicole and I cleaned the kitchen together, folded the laundry and decided to head to Nana's at 5:30.  Boys STLIL sleeping!

So, Nana sent us out to dinner!  She said she would cook for the boys and we were given an unexpected date night.  Mexican food, complete with a margarita for me! (That's why I save up those run calories, man!)  Nicole and I had an invigorating conversation wherein I celebrated my new energies and passions about work and the work that I am doing, the possibilities of the future, and all the good things that have happened since last year this time (even though getting laid off was awful).

When we got back to Nana's house after taking a nice stroll downtown, the boys were up and fed.  They were playing happily and everyone was having such a good time hanging out... and it was obvious that the boys were going to be up late... and I had class to attend at 8:00...

I ended up walking home by myself at 7:30.  Coffee in hand, spring in my step, happy kids and happy family behind me.  I walked over the bridge to a gorgeous view:

Life. Is. Good.

This weekend the boys are going to try their first sleepover at Nana's house, too.  We have a kid-free NIGHT.  OMG.