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May. 27th, 2014

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I love it when Brooks looks up at me and says, "Mama, I am a very happy boy!"

I kind of feel like that this morning.  I am golden-tan and it isn't even June yet.  I spent a weekend playing outside, getting things done, running through sprinklers, playing at parks, stomping through rivers, lounging on riverbanks, cooking and baking.  My soul is brimming with all the good that early summer has to offer: blooming lilies, wild mulberries, honeysuckle, late afternoon thunderstorms. There has been so much life and light in my house that (even over the din of toddler whining) the laughter, good food, and sense of family prevails.

Lest you think everything is sunshine and roses, we took the boy's pacifiers away this weekend.  At nearly 3.5,  Two bits of parenting advice:

  • If you use Pacifiers, try to get rid of them before three.  The emotional attachment is intense. The reasoning of a 3.5 year old? Not that great.

  • The Paci Fairy sucks.  Just cut a hole in the paci and let the kid decide it's broken and throw that sucker away.  Paci Fairy my left foot.

Obviously, we went with the "Paci Fairy" approach.  We talked about it, we decorated a box and made pictures for the Paci Fairy, we put alllllll the pacifiers in the box for the fairy to take to the little babies who need them, went to bed Friday night SUPER excited, woke up to treats and a gift certificate to the toy store.  YAY.  Best. Day. Ever!

Took the kids to the toy store.  Brenner picked something different than Brooks. (Fiasco.)  Ended up packing away nearly ALL the toys over the resulting meltdown AND having to go back to the toy store to get Brenner the exact same thing Brooks got.  (Lesson learned. We pick everything from now on and they are getting the same thing, darnit.)

Then it was time to go to bed on Saturday.  No Paci Fairy coming.  No Paci.  Cue 2.5 hour meltdown. (Including Brenner calmly stating, "I wish I had never given the Paci Fairy my paci." followed by a BIG sigh.)

And then nap Sunday.  Meltdown.

And bedtime Sunday night? More melting down including Brenner saying pathetically, "Mama.  Go get my paci from the little babies!" Brooks, by the way, hasn't been that articulate about the whole experience.  He's really just shrieking and wailing through bedtime.

Brenner did NOT nap on Monday, Brooks eventually gave up and passed out.

Bedtime last night was MUCH better, but now Brooks wants to be up at 6AM where before he would self soothe with his paci and hang out in the bed until 7:00-7:30.  In fact, today was the first paci-free day that Brenner slept past 6:30.  It was nearly 7:30 when I left the house and he was still out.  Brooks, on the other hand, was up at 6:05.  I'm already up, but I run three mornings a week right now... so that is REALLY going to mess with Nicole the Night Owl if she has to start getting up with the kids at 6AM.

No. One. Was. Happy.

But overall, life is awesome. Funny, right?