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May. 17th, 2014

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I met up with the running group on Friday and was gratified by the fact that I didn't suck. Not only did I NOT suck, I was actually the best runner in the group. They universally asked me to come back because they liked the push of keeping up :) That made me feel like a superhero, just a little bit. It was an easy/light run for me, too! I enjoyed the camaraderie. Now I feel like I need to seek out someone better than ME so that I can feel that same push!

Then I went to work and was blown away by the results of my service project.

I belong to two Employee Networking groups and was just recently asked to join the second one (Professional Women's Inspiration Group) as a Core Leader of the group. I am the youngest, the lowest salary band, and the one with the least tenure at the company in this group of high-powered women executives. Every year my company does a week of service. I volunteered to go to the food bank with my team, but my Women's group wanted to do something, too. I suggested we collect gently used professional wear to donate to a cause I love (I know the girl who started it). The cause was a Women's Closet used by a Domestic Violence Shelter in the area to help women escaping terrible situations find some interview and professional clothes to get them out in the workforce again.

At the last minute, everything fell apart. No one was in town, no one had time to help me publicize, my week blew up with meetings. I had a few volunteers to man the table when I wasn't able to be there and without them, I'd have died. Friday, when we went to pack and sort, we had trouble getting it all to fit in my SUV. Like, we had doors that we thought wouldn't shut. I am bursting with donations thanks to the generosity of my fellow women and the volunteers. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would initiate and then be a part of something so magnificent when I threw the idea out there casually two weeks ago.

Monday: I will get the joy of delivering all of these beautiful shoes, purses, skirt and pant suits, blouses and slacks to women who truly, truly need them. I nearly cried and I hugged SO many people that I'm sure I looked foolish. I cannot even process the magnitude of my gratitude.

Today: Local Colors. I love how diverse this little city is. I ate from the Greek tent (the kids TORE UP some spinach puff), the Egyptian Tent, and wanted to go back to Iraq but didn't get the change. Mother-in-Law did Colombian, Mexican, Syrian, and something else while Nicole and Marie stuck to Korean, Japanese, and ... I can't remember. We all sampled and ate. Norway's cakes were the best. The boys LOVED the traditional dancing... especially the Belly Dancer. They wanted her to come back again and again. I think we're in trouble.... or maybe it was the fact that she was dancing with swords? (I hope it wasn't her outfit!!)