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February 2016


Apr. 29th, 2014

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The first thunderstorm of the season was early early this year.  This morning was the first *morning* thunderstorm.  Also early this year.  Thunder rumbled as I went to bed and crashed as I woke up.  The birds were still singing at 1:30 AM, confused by the pink, luminescent sky. It was like a page out of Wonderland, only I was desperately trying to sleep and completely confused by the songbirds.

This is what my desk calendar said this morning:

Ironic, yes?

Saturday is our 13th anniversary!  I often joke with Nicole that when she asked me out on that date 13 years ago (Today), she never knew we'd still be dating all this time!  She then routinely quips that she wouldn't change a thing and we both remember what it was like to fall in love in May all those years ago.  Sneaking off, ditching class to lay in the sunshine on blankets in meadows full of wild flowers.  I will never forget how my life stood still, turned 180 degrees and how much I/we grew through that summer, living together on a spur of the moment decision because we couldn't bear to be parted and the chain of events that built up the strong relationship that we have today.  I cannot imagine my life without her.  Even at its worst, life with her is better than anything I would be able to dream on my own.

I love to stand on our front porch and watch her dig in the dirt, planting flowers with the boys playing in the yard.
I love that she painted my office until the wee hours of the morning and seems to love the fact that I love it so much.
I love that she does her level best to run the house while I work late on work and even later on grad school.
I love that she sings silly songs to the boys and that they now sing silly songs to us and each other.
I love that watching her be a mom has been such a joy-bringer for my heart.
I love her compulsive desire to go fishing ... like ALL the time.
I love the way she looks at me when she is up to no good or thinking devious thoughts.
I love the way she grills the perfect steak and serves it with the perfect red wine on date nights.

She is pretty phenomenal, I say.