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February 2016


Apr. 28th, 2014

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My second morning run was a success!  I didn't even have to stop at all today. I ran my 5K with relative ease.  How amazing it is to have all that energy to attack your run!  I also forgot my cell phone charger at work, so I was phone-less all weekend (except for necessary texts/calls) and didn't have my music or run tracker this morning.  I thought I would be miserable running without my tunes, but I kind of enjoyed it.  Paying attention to my breathing, hearing the roaring of the river as I crossed back and forth over the bridges, birdsong.  It was nice.  Really nice.  I might run without earbuds more often!

I don't think I mentioned that a week ago there was a shooting on my usual run route?  The victim was an older man who survived the attach. A place I pass by all the time.  The man said he was walking by himself that there was a paranoid/suspicious looking guy walking behind/in front/near him.  The guy just turned and shot him.  They can't find any connection, it appears to be random.  Great. Gunman on the Greenway, right?  That was another major impetus of switching my runs to the morning.  I figure gunmen are lazy and probably aren't up at 6:00 AM, but I will say that I am really hyper-vigilant these days as I run.  I hate to say that this act has caused me to live in fear because I don't want to give the gunman that kind of control... but I always run alone and now I'm running along in the pre-dawn.  Nicole says I should carry mace, and that's a good idea... but if someone has a gun there is very little I can do at a distance to protect myself.  If they want me dead badly enough, unfortunately I am a moving target.  It is scary to think about.  But I don't think running in a group would help THAT particular issue, either.  I don't think it matters HOW many people go with you if there is a crazy out there determined to shoot people...

I don't like what it has done to my zen-time.

It is rainy today and the kids are at our house with their Nana.  I told Nicole this morning that we might really have to explore the option of summer camp, especially for Brooks.  He is desperate to play with other kids.  He is missing the interaction terribly.  What an extrovert!  Brenner would happily stay home and look at books, play with his toys, watch movies, or just snuggle.  Every kid Brooks saw this weekend he said, "I want to go say henno to them!" (Henno = hello)  And say Henno we did.  He played with the kid up the street, the kids across the street, a gaggle of kids at the park... he inserted himself in to EVERY social situation he could find... and when he couldn't FIND one, he created it!  It made his introverted Mama tired on his behalf.

So far things with Nana appear to be going well.  I think they are watching more TV than I want them to.  Nicole and I are probably going to have to be very proactive at providing crafts and stuff for her to do because she will probably just let them watch TV if nothing else is planned.  Nana has been doing a LOT around the house, but we still don't have time to keep up with all the clean laundry she is piling up! Nicole and I both have next week off and one day we are going to CLEAN.  Yep.  I may also schedule a massage because Nicole wants to fish every day.  I might as well get in a little relaxation, too!

Our DC trip this weekend is shaping up nicely.  I can pay in advance for premium parking at the zoo and that will save us a lot of time.  My schoolwork and work deadlines are INTENSE this week as I prepare to be out... so I've been a little bit frayed. And sleepless: Nicole's chest cough has made it hard to sleep in our room.  Sigh.  I picked a fight at 5:30 AM after being awake since 4:00 AM with her coughing.  Not a good start to the week and definitely not a good look for me.  I apologized after working out all my tension and issues on my run.  Another reason not to listen to music: Soul searching time is free.

Hope you all had lovely weekends!