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February 2016


Apr. 23rd, 2014

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Today I worked from my new office for the afternoon for the first time. It is still sparse, but the painting is done. I had Nicole carry up one of the dining room chairs for me to sit on. The bookshelf is still empty, and there is nothing on the walls other than the decorative painting we did... but my desk is assembled and I have a view to die for. I am excited about adding to it here and there for the long term to make it my own little space for crafting, writing, working, and reading.  An introvert's paradise!

I always feel like I have so much more to say and
then I open the editor and stare at the blank screen until I cannot possibly know what to say anymore.  Life continues apace, I guess.  Spring is in full swing, zyrtec seems to have quelled my allergy frenzy enough that I can enjoy time outside with the boys, Easter has come and gone.

We are taking a trip up to Washington, DC for our anniversary.  I mentioned this, I think?  We are staying near Georgetown and out of most of the hustle and bustle with modest plans to see just the zoo and the Natural History Museum before we return. Quick Friday to Sunday trip ... with toddlers!  I hope they handle it all pretty well.  They may not get a nap on Friday, which may be courting disaster at the Natural History Museum, but we shall see.

For those of you with older toddlers, when did they stop napping? I'm thinking that the boys are pretty close, but I don't know for sure.  I'm certainly thinking that they will not be napping all that reliably by the time we go to Disney in October. They will be nearly four then.  Yikes! Where have the years gone?

Did I mention that I have quite a view? The pretty white dogwood! And the other window looks out onto the lush tulip poplar.  I honestly feel like I am working in a tree house!