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February 2016


Mar. 26th, 2014

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Yesterday was the first day since I changed my eating habits in January that I felt deprived of something. I had plenty of healthy, yummy food. Dinner wasn’t even altogether ‘healthy’, really. But I REALLY wanted French fries, cake, hamburgers… my cravings were all over the map. It would have been funny had I not been so cranky about it. Maybe I should have just given in! But we have some big things coming up and I am THIS CLOSE to my goal weight for the first time in six years. So, I persevered, albeit cantankerously. Results are nice. So are cheeseburgers. This weekend, CHEESEBURGERS! :D See, I believe in moderation … ;)

It snowed and snowed and snowed yesterday and the wind-chill this morning was in the single digits. It is March 26th. I am still waiting for “out like a lamb”. There was swirling, blowing snow all over on my commute in this morning.

Yesterday, as the snow pelted down, Nicole and I made the choice to go get the kids so they wouldn’t get stranded up the babysitter’s hill and I met them at home for naptime. I ended up taking a nap while they napped… and it was a GOOD nap after a sleepless night… but I ended up regretting it twice: 1) When Brenner woke up before I was ready and forcefully pulled me out of a deep sleep into full-on Mommy Mode (didn’t help the crankies) and 2) when I tried to go to sleep last night and tossed and turned for most of the night. And Brooks has been going through a phase where he isn’t sleeping that well (up two or three times a night), so Nicole and I are exhausted. As we cradled coffee mugs this morning like caffeine addicts, we blearily looked at each other and kept saying how nice it would be to have a day to just sleep. A WHOLE day.

We have the first week of May off and are talking about taking a grown-up trip to the lake to rest. Maybe!