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Mar. 10th, 2014

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The What’s with THAT entry:

It feels like ages since I last updated when I’m really on somewhat of a roll, actually. This weekend was lovely, but long and short at the same time. Time change is a killer.

I got my hair cut and Nicole says I’m cute. I still feel not cute. What’s with that? She also says I look thin, but the needle on the scale isn’t moving. What’s with THAT?

I’ve also officially hit my limit of grad school and am coasting in this burned out state. Three more weeks left and most of these are BIG weeks tying up case studies, workshop action plans, reflection papers, and feedback that will require ALL of my brain cells… that do not feel like they want to work anymore. I was so looking forward to my break between classes and then checked the academic calendar and break is only ONE WEEK. What’s with THAT? We got a month off at Fall/Winter break. I may die.

Weekend Recap:

We took dinner to Nana’s new house on Friday (I met the family there after my new haircut) and ate a nice meal together. It was hectic, crowded, and loud, but it was nice to all be together. Even if the Mexican restaurant we always go to messed up our order… really, really badly.

Saturday, Nicole and I took the kids to a new concept park that just opened. It was a perfect, sunny, warm day for it and the park is *amazing*. It is music themed and has a path with huge xylophones, bells, and gongs for the kids to play that encircles the play area. The play area is full of new stuff I’ve never seen, like a boat-shaped see-saw that seats a crowd and they all work together to rock the boat. There was also a music game that played rock beats while kids ran from speaker to speaker to touch colored lights. Brooks LOVED that. Brenner was a fan of the Xylophone Walk. We played and played!

Nana had a cookout at her house Saturday night, so we were all back together. The boys already love that Nana isn’t far and keep asking to go to her house.

Sunday, lost an hour thanks to Daylight Savings and then I spent 2.5 hours at the Emergency Vet with Nana and her 17-year-old dog who is suffering from stress after the move. Oy. The blessings the universe gives with Nana in town are great, but they also come at a cost, I guess!

I had the hardest time getting up today. The lingering sick has been just awful. I plan to try to walk after work today, I don’t think I’m up to running again. Shame, the weather is perfect for an outdoor run. But I am still so devoid of strength and energy that I just cannot imagine.