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February 2016


Feb. 26th, 2014

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I drove to work in a pretty but persistent snow shower. It is ever so lovely when it falls, but I am still ready for spring.

Life in bullet points:

  • I am one week and three days into my new role. I’ve learned a lot about the tools used to create e-learning in this environment and started my own self-directed (non-assigned) project and might create some content for school, too. I surprised myself this morning by thinking, “I am really happy about work” while getting ready. It has been a long time since I had a spontaneous thought along that line, so I took a moment to be grateful for the new flexibility I have, the new skills I am learning, the new team I am on, and the new life that is coming for me.

  • Nicole’s mom is renting a moving truck today and expects to drive down here on Friday, unload the truck, and go home Sunday to tie up loose ends. And then she will live here. My anxiety about this whole thing comes in waves… but I mostly see the positive. I want to be a good wife to Nicole and not make her feel caught in the middle. I am grateful that my job stress has dropped so significantly because I don’t know if I could have handled the other job + mother-in-law transition.

  • I have baby fever. But I also have plans. We haven’t said no, we haven’t said yes. I need to finish grad school, cut my teeth and create a design portfolio, and see where the next two years takes me before we move in any way. But what is nice about that is that Nana will be in town AND I still feel relatively young… in two years I will be 35/36. That is a perfect time for another baby if we want one.

  • We are talking about throwing caution to the wind and not taking our romantic beach getaway to the Outer Banks … and instead maybe eloping in Maryland. We have been tossing it around, but not making any plans. I have a feeling it will be something to remember, either way!

  • Our kids are so stinkin’ cute. When you tuck Brooks in at night or when I leave for the day he always says (very gravely), “I’ll miss you, Mama.” Brenner refuses dinner and screams for an hour for a cookie. No cookies without dinner, kid. Toddlers are *rough*. We were convinced they were trying to kill us yesterday between the taking toys, the crying, the whining … but then they share and take turns with toys sometimes and you will hear Brenner say, “Your turn, Brooksie! Two minutes!” In the same way I might say it … and you kind of forget the 45 minutes you lost listening to Cookie Meltdown number 4561321.