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February 2016


Jan. 12th, 2014

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Every January, the Cat Show comes to town. They have always had a small section in the back of the vendor area for adoptable cats and it is traditionally the place where all the Cat People gather for a big old ‘family reunion’. Since having the boys, it’s been a little challenging to maintain the level of volunteer involvement that we had in the past, but when these two-day adoption events pop up, we are still making it work. Yesterday I took Woodrow out in the morning and then came home around 12:30, helped get the boys down for nap and then Nicole took off to finish out the day.

Today we were going to just take Woodrow and introduce the kids to the Cat Show. They went last year briefly, but this year they were going to actually GET it. But when I got up (late), it was suspiciously quiet in the house. I went downstairs at 8:30 AM and Nicole was under a still-sleeping Brenner and Brooks had not had breakfast yet. They were all watching Tinkerbell.

I had to jump into action and feed Brooks since Nicole was holding our sick little one. Brooks was in HIGH spirits, I tell you. So I decided that Brooks and I were going to the Cat Show on our own with Woodrow. And I told him we would get a special Mama/Brooks treat at Starbucks AND get a balloon. He was STOKED. It was probably something like the fourth or fifth time the boys would have been apart from each other in their whole lives, so I wanted it to be memorable for BOTH of us.

Well…. I got us both dressed and out the door. Nicole was still under sleeping Brenner. It was about 9:20. I’d had a hectic morning. I had a toddler, my purse, my coffee, a cat carrier that was pretty heavy, and keys to Nicole’s car (because my back tire was low). I opened the car, started it and went around to get the kid and cat in. Doors locked. Weird. Went back around to the driver side door.



Now I had my purse/phone locked in the running car. Thankfully I hadn’t put Brooks in before making THAT mistake! I had to get us all back up on the porch and knock on the window to get Nicole. In all the hulabaloo of calling a locksmith and my blood pressure going sky high, Brenner perked up.

In then end, we ALL ended up at the Cat Show, which was even more fun than I imagined. The boys were charming and sweet, talked to all the old cat ladies and the vendors gave them free stuff to bring back to our straggly street kitties. We saw a nice Siamese cat that won a ribbon, too. We didn’t venture back into the show, but someday I want them to see how neat all these fancy breeds are. I mean, I am a rescuer at heart and a part of me rankles about professional breeding, but these are a different level – not backyard breeders. These people are in it for some serious money and their cats SHOW it. They want for nothing and they are pretty incredible – both in personality (bomb proof) and looks. I saw a calico Devon Rex yesterday walking on a leash like it was no problem. Awesome.

I am proud that our kids have logged more volunteer hours than most ten year olds. We are strongly committed to service and believe every life is important. They are such good kids and have animal sense. They invited everyone to dinner and said “Yes Ma’am” when addressed and “Thank you” when given things for the kitties. Polite little guys! I was filled up with happy.

And we got them balloons.

Brooks did NOT end the night well, though. He had a sharing catastrophe (everything I see is MINE!) this evening.

But hey, you can’t win them all.