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February 2016

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My week has been such a flurry of activity. I wish I could do ERG work all the time. Being a PRIDE board member feeds my soul in ways that my day job cannot. I’m actively looking for jobs in Inclusive Diversity that wouldn’t require a Re-Lo to Chicago or a ton of travel. Being away from my family for five days this month and then another week next month makes me feel all sorts of twitchy. My to do list is getting to-done… ish. I mean, look!

I have to spend a good chuck of the afternoon writing out stop-gaps my leaders pointed out in my Measurement Strategy document. Then I have a finance call with the leader of the African American Working Network to see how they lay out the funding for their field chapters so that we can pitch a new structure to the board sometime this fall for 2016. It is already time to plan for 2016! This strategic venture position is NOT A JOKE. My head hurts.

But tonight is GAY PROM! Nicole is coming home to cook me one of our favorite meals, we’re going to get gussied up in formal wear and go out on the town while Nana keeps the kids overnight. I’m excited!

I forced myself through a simple three miler today. I don’t know what has me feeling lethargic and weak this week. I’m mightily disappointed that my athletic body is crapping out on me this week. I hope it’s hormonal or that I’ve just fed my body incorrectly for the last few days (being out of town).