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February 2016

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As usual, when I fall quiet there is usually some stress involved.  School work, work travel to Chicago, interpersonal stressors.  The whole nine.  But I seem to be bobbing along through it, managing to hit deadlines that seem to be whizzing by me at light speed. So far, no balls dropped.  I did receive a grade I don't like, but I have an action plan to up my game and my graduate school experience is almost, almost over.  I can make it.

The chill in the air came with the first day of fall.  Not gradually, but a sudden shift from summer to fall in a clear, overnight transition.  It may still warm up, but it is downright chilly.  We've spent some glorious nights by the fire pit and my morning runs are filled with cold air, morning fog, dazzling sunrises, and the beginnings of tree-leaf changes.  The sun sinks so fast in the evenings that our nightly walk is now at sunset and this family has seem some truly awe-inspiring sunsets this week, too.  Monday I saw both a magnificent sunrise while running an easy 10K and a sunset that took our collective breaths away while walking as a family that evening.

Fall puts me in the spirit of gratitude for the privilege of being alive.  Cool mornings with warm afternoon sun, fire pit nights with s'mores, sunrises/sunsets on an impossibly stunning celestial canvas, oranges/reds/yellows/golds. Anticipation, celebration. Pumpkins, baking, candles, apples, and the never ending chorus of "Happy fall, y'all!" in this southern town in Appalachia.

I have all my office windows open and I am rocking a hoodie, slippers, my heating pad on my lap and a blanket on top of that.  Nicole ordered me a heated mattress pad that will arrive today - so a warm bed tonight, sleeping with windows open and lows in the high 40s.  This is the PERFECT weather.

We are also going shopping this weekend. I am buying a Gala Dress for my upcoming trip to San Francisco and the Out and Equal Workplace Summit. Also, a few new business-dress outfits for my Chicago trip next week. Two years of running and I am a solid size 6. I put on my long spandex leggings for my run this morning only to discover that they hung on me.  Spandex not Spand-ing? What?  Time to shop for smaller sizes in just about everything.  My 10k on Monday was a piece of cake.  My 4-miler this morning was a happy recovery run without pain or push.  Half marathon seems within my grasp!
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